Gustavo Zubía

Zubía: “The conception of the criminal for the FA is different from that of the coalition”

The deputy of the Colorado Party Gustavo Zubía referred this Wednesday in an interview with Monte Carlo radio, to the current situation facing the country in terms of security. In this framework, he expressed some solutions that he considers necessary to alleviate this situation.

In this sense, he affirmed that it is necessary to “take a tooth” in prisons, but considered that “it will cost a lot” because the “opposition is going to be the first to come out and criticize the control measures” that are necessary to apply in prisons today. In turn, Zubía believed that it is “difficult” to achieve State policies on this issue due to the differences in the “conceptions” of the criminal.

«The conception of the delinquent for the Broad Front is different from the conception of the coalition in what refers to the figure of the delinquent. Some think that he is a poor boy, who had difficulties in life, and others maintain that, despite the fact that there is a low percentage of poor boys, there is a very high percentage of criminal professionals, who also have operational departments and managements at their disposal. order,” he said.

Asked about when the political system will realize that measures are needed, Zubía replied that, unfortunately, when these difficulties continue, which he described as “endemic”, and victims continue to exist.

«The theme in this is: the criminal is a social enemy. Do we want to treat him like a poor boy to be rehabilitated? Well, forgive me, (that) is absurd, it’s childish, to consider a criminal as a poor boy. He must be considered as such, as a criminal, and we cannot give him benefits when he is in prison so that they continue to operate. prisons are a factory of crimes, they have been with the FA and, unfortunately, this continues », he concluded.

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