"Yes there is money": Unions protest today against the corruption that steals their increase

“Yes there is money”: Unions protest today against the corruption that steals their increase

Active and retired public employees call this Wednesday the 22nd, starting at 9:00 in the morning, for a demonstration in Plaza Caracas in front of several ministerial headquarters. Union leaders and representatives of federations expressed to SuchWhich their rejection of corruption and the alleged disappearance of 3,000 million dollars from PDVSA in cryptocurrencies, while the government of Nicolás Maduro denies them their salary increases for “lack of money.” The teachers’ leader Carmen Teresa Márquez described the case as “a slap” for those who have been formulating their demands to the Government for months

On March 10, the Minister of Education yelitze santaella assured in Cojedes State, in front of the country’s educators, that a collective contract will not be signed because the government has no money for it. However, a week later, his excuse collapsed: on March 17 it was learned that the National Anti-Corruption Police arrested officials public for the alleged disappearance of 3,000 million dollars from PDVSA in cryptocurrencies.

Union leaders expressed to SuchWhich his opinion about the corruption scandal that, by the way, dragged the minister Tareck El Aissami Oil Company.

The spokespersons for the workers expressed their discontent with the excuses of the Maduro government for not giving public workers a “living wage.” For this reason, their call to the streets gains more force: sectors of education, health, telecommunications, retirees and pensioners will go out to protest this Wednesday, March 22 at 9:00 am in Plaza Caracas, to go later to the Ministry of Education.

On behalf of the teachers’ union, Rachel Figueroaa teacher union leader, stressed that despite Minister Santaella’s excuses to justify the low wages, It is evident that in Venezuela there is money and an example of this is the increase in still lifes and the arrival of the latest model cars in the country.

From the Venezuelan Federation of Teachers, Carmen Teresa Márquez stressed that the fact that there are 19 detainees among senior officials, mayors and judges, “it is a slap in the face” for all the organizations and workers who have been protesting for months and whose only response has been that there is no money.

For Ana Yanezrepresentative of the National Union of Workers of Venezuela (Unete), cases of corruption are nothing new, and the proof of this is the lifestyle of those who call themselves public officials.

Ana Rosario Contreraspresident of the Capital District College of Nursing He regretted the state of health centers in Venezuela and emphasized that, as corruption increases, the value of salaries progressively disappears.

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money yes there was

Representing the education sector, Raquel Figueroa, union leader of the Federation of Teachers College of Venezuela and national coordinator of the Democratic Unity of the Education Sector, assured that since the educators’ protests began between 2022 and 2023, “we express that the The Government had the money to return the value of the salary and value of their pedagogical work to the educators (…) we saw that the bodegones were increasing throughout the country, which is a contradiction; that while there was talk of economic warfare and the blockade, state-of-the-art cars were constantly arriving in the country».

He indicated that it is “evident that the State is not concerned with solving the human problem of wages for workers and their families (…) While corruption increases, the value of wages progressively disappears.”

He insisted that it is the workers who pay the high price for their health and food.

For her part, Carmen Teresa Márquez, president of the Venezuelan Federation of Teachers (FVM) described the situation as “worrying” and emphasized that for the different union leaders and representatives of organizations “it is a slap in the face. I don’t know if they are doing a facelift, or if they are really going to attack the corruption that exists in the country. It is not possible that large amounts of money like the one that is being demonstrated, have been stolen and then later the representatives of the Government report that there is no money for salaries and to increase the collective agreement. This is very serious”.

Ana Rosario Contreras, president of the Caracas College of Nurses, rejected the corruption scandal and that, on the other hand, “public workers are told that they should look for other ventures. The State must be responsible », she stressed.

He regretted that Venezuelans who need to use public health services do not have access to basic diagnostic tests, as does the state of the country’s educational institutions.

“Those $3,000 million stolen could have been used in a responsible administration to solve this urgent situation and the extreme poverty in which we public workers find ourselves,” Contreras highlighted.

He added that the “famous excuse of sanctions” cannot continue to be accepted. How do you not have money, if a group of officials at the service of one of the State companies has stolen that amount of dollars?

Nothing new

For her part, Ana Yánez, representative of the National Union of Workers of Venezuela (Unete) affirmed that cases of corruption in the Venezuelan State are nothing new. I ask a question: At this point they are going to realize the levels of corruption in which the State institutions are? To me, they are not discovering warm water. There was some internal conflict and the crisis ended,” she said.

He stated that, in his opinion, the most sensible thing to do would be to call elections immediately. “Given that the entire public administration situation is so rotten and there are corruption plans everywhere, general elections must be held now, in order to get rid of a number of people who are involved in malicious acts, because the life they lead is not It is the life of a public official who earns his money with dignity,” he reiterated.

own interests

The Communist Party of Venezuela alerted in statements of its Political Bureau that, after carrying out on Saturday, the 18th of National Assembly of Workers in Strugglethere are “partisan factors” that intend to make “political” use of the event, said Pedro Eusse, national secretary for the Labor and Union Sector of the PCV.

Eusse said that the CUTV was represented at the meeting that was held at the headquarters of the Federation of Teachers’ Associations of the UCV (Fapuv), but warned, without identifying them, that there are “partisan factors” that want to impose their political line that is not it is consistent with that which corresponds “to the interests of the working class but also of the political elites, many of them linked to sectors of big capital.”

Eusse reiterated the PCV’s call for workers to organize from municipalities throughout the country and hold meetings to create a national committee to fight for decent wages.

In the specific case of the claims of the teaching sector, he said that along with creating these committees to fight for wages, they must rescue the teachers’ union movement. The PCV denounced “the treasonous attitude of the majority of teachers’ federations that abandon the abandoned to their fate and side with the employer.”

He described as “an aberration” the attitude of the Minister of Education, Yelitze Santaella, who refuses to recognize the right to sign the collective agreement of the education sector. “We call to persevere in the fight and achieve unity with parents and representatives,” said Eusse.

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