New monumental mess with Marcos Paulo

New monumental mess with Marcos Paulo

He does not finish leaving one and gets into another. Mark Paul, Brazilian soccer player who Atletico Madrid signed in his day as one of the great promises of the South American country, has returned to get into the middle of a huge controversy, which affects one of the great clubs in the country, the Sao Paulo, where he is on loan from the mattress club.

The last week was eventful in the changing room of the Sao Paulo. After the elimination on penalties against the Holy water, in the quarterfinals of paulistãothe ‘bomb’ exploded with the discussion between the striker Marcos Paulo and the technician Rogerio Ceni. The player is dissatisfied with the subsidiary and would have thrown ‘hints’ at Ceni on social networks.

Last Wednesday, the coach gave the player a ‘slap on the wrist’ in front of the entire squad, and some players did not like the reaction of Ceni. And a climate of civil war was generated that threatened to blow everything up. There was even speculation about the departure of Rogerio Ceni of the team, in addition to questioning the future of Marcos Paulo in the team.

Messages from Marcos Paulo, Atlético de Madrid player on loan from Sao Paulo, to Rodrigo Ceni,


After a meeting, the São Paulo board chose to stay with both Ceni like with the player… for now. The president of the São Paulo, Julio Casares, He came out of the information and tried to put out the fire. He described as “normal” the discussion between the technician Rogerio Ceni and the attacking midfielder. “It is normal. Dialogue is important. It was not as potent as reported. It was a conversation with the cast, rogerio found it productive, the cast found it productive. Nothing more than a normal day-to-day football talk. Those who know the world of the ball know that the locker room is usually tense. There are positions, hierarchy, discipline. The technician has to make his thinking coincide with that of the others. It is that maxim: no one is bigger than the institution, be it the president, the coach or the player. We have guidelines, discipline, that’s what happened. We know that when you lose in a qualification, everything gains more weight, ”he commented to deny that they are going to fire Ceni.


Marcos Paulo in his presentation with Atlético de Madrid.



Of course, we will have to see what happens with Marcos Paulo in the paulista squad. Several teams in the country are already on the track in case it finally comes out. According to information provided by the journalist José Edgar de Matos, the parties could listen to other proposals. The player is linked to Atletico Madridof Spainand is linked to Sao Paulo until the end of this season.

In it sao pauloSince his arrival in January, he has barely played five games, 77 minutes. It is not the first time that he comes to a team and ends up in the subsidiary, it already happened to him in his day in the famalicao Portuguese, where the coach charged him publicly. History repeats itself.

Marcos Paulo came to Atletico Madrid on 21/22 without even making his debut, like a jewel of Brazilian football. After assignments in the famalicao and Mirandeshe tried to relaunch his career in Brazil, but for the moment he finds himself in a difficult situation again. He has a contract with the rojiblanco team until 2026.

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