White roses adorn tribute from Cubans to José Martí in China

Beijing, Jan 28 (Prensa Latina) Representatives of the Cuban state mission, together with compatriots residing in China, today deposited white roses in Beijing, Shanghai and Guangzhou to honor José Martí, on the occasion of the 169th anniversary of his birth.

In a simple but emotional way, each initiative became a propitious occasion to highlight the legacy and thought of the most universal of Cubans, as well as reaffirm commitments to the country.

In Beijing, the act brought together the Antilleans in front of a bust of their National Hero, located outside the embassy and sculpted in bronze by the artist Yuan Xikun in 2004.

In the speech for the ephemeris, the civil servant Claudia Martínez highlighted that this date stands every year as a reason for many to dedicate a space of time to remember his gigantic work as a writer, politician and leader.

“His merits go beyond our national borders, since his revolutionary project lacked selfishness and futile vanities. His ideas regarding the unity of Latin America – that which extends from the Rio Grande to Patagonia – and the unquestionable connection between the countries of our region, are proof of his clairvoyance”, he said.

He emphasized the full validity of Martí’s thought today, when the island’s Revolution faces adversity, threats and claims to see a collapse of the political system there.

Meanwhile, in Guangzhou, the tribute included the declamation of a poem written by an official and the words of a Cuban girl about the great work of the Apostle.

As is tradition, the activity in Shanghai took place in a park in the Jing’an district and the island’s diplomats were joined by authorities from the municipality, colleagues from the Latin American missions, compatriots and the creator of the bust of Martí located there, Yan Youren .

That work, cast in bronze and unveiled in 2014, is considered another example of the traditional and historical ties of cooperation between the two socialist countries.


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