Watch the debate of candidates for the district municipality of El Tambo (VIDEO)

Watch the debate of candidates for the district municipality of El Tambo (VIDEO)

With just over 20 days to go before the 2022 Regional and Municipal Elections, which will take place on October 2, the “red seal newspaper” Correo, today carried out the electoral debate between the candidates for mayor of the district of El Tambo in the province of Huancayo.

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Mail fulfilling its role of offering citizens impartial and timely information so that the electorate can make the best decision in the elections on October 2, began with the debates on September 2 with the participation of the candidates for mayor of Chilca . Today there will be the participation of applicants from 9 regional and national political organizations that are still in the electoral race for mayor of the largest district of Junín.

The event takes place from nine in the morning in the auditorium of the College of Public Accountants of Junín, located at Av. Las Flores No. 385 Urb. Los Jardines de Chorrillos-Huancayo.

The calls to launch their proposals will be: Héctor Andres Melgar Salazar (Popular Action), Jorge Alberto Solis Goche (Alliance for Progress), Percy Cirilo Parraga Melgarejo (Let’s Walk Together through Junín), Carlos Danilo León Arias (Junín Renace), Fredy Javier Aliaga Medina (Sustainable Junín with its People), Jorge Isaac Lara Ricapa (Junín Popular Bloc Regional Movement), Julio Cesar Llallico Colca (Sierra and Selva Contigo Junín Regional Movement), Jakelyn Flores Peña (Free Peru National Political Party) and Manuel Demetrio Acosta Cerron (We can Peru).

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All of them debate on three thematic axes: Citizen Security and Transport, Informality and Economic Reactivation and Fight against Corruption. The next event will be held on September 16 for the mayoral candidates of Huancayo province, while on September 23 it will be for the gubernatorial candidates.

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