Wafers starred in a controversial scene in Congress during the comptroller election

Wafers starred in a controversial scene in Congress during the comptroller election

In the plenary session of Congress that took place in the afternoon of last Thursday, August 18, the parliamentarians elected Carlos Hernán Rodríguez as the new Comptroller General of the Republic. However, there was a fact that did not go unnoticed and that is that while the vote was being carried out by the congressmen, one of those present He did not realize that there was a microphone on and he can be heard saying: “They are buying votes, how many wafers for one vote?”

These statements generated all kinds of expectations among those present, but apparently everything indicates that this was some jokes that the people who were gathered there were making.

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Although it is possible to clearly identify the voice of the person exclaiming these words, some people indicated that it could be Gregorio Eljach, who is the secretary of the Senate and that he was referring to the wafers that they distributed as a snack to all the congressmen who attended the capitol and that had been offered by the parliamentarian of the Historical Pact, Sandra Jaimes.

This has brought many reactions by Internet users who generated a controversy as a result of the video that was published on Twitter.

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“They left it open on purpose”, “That looks like a market place”, “This is the politics of love, of the love of money”are some of the messages that can be read by users who were upset by what happened.

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