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Rio restores part of services affected by hacker attack

The City Hall of Rio de Janeiro will use, as of today (19), the site city as a platform to transmit information to the population until the portal services are fully restored. To try to alleviate the problems faced by users, the city hall had already been using all the municipality’s profiles on social networks to provide the services, since they were not affected by a Monday morning cyber attack.Rio restores part of services affected by hacker attack

According to the municipal administration, the hacker attack on Monday to the Datacenter was registered at the Police Station for Repression of Computer Crimes (DRCI) so that the person responsible can be identified and punished. “More information is being gathered and will be passed on to the police authorities,” the city said.

Last night (18), in addition to consulting the previous editions, the team from Empresa Municipal de Informática (IplanRio) managed to publish the Official Gazette of the Municipality. According to the city hall, with this, yesterday’s edition and this Friday’s edition are already available to the population and can be accessed on address of the Official Gazette.

The work for the total restoration of the municipal Datacenter and the return of all systems has been carried out uninterruptedly by IplanRio’s servers. “Systems that have already been recovered will remain offline until the digital environment is secure in its entirety,” the city said.

“The city hall asks for the understanding of cariocas and emphasizes that the servers continue to work 24 hours to recover the system in its entirety as soon as possible”, he assured.

Despite the advances, both the online return of the Portal da Prefecture, as well as all the pages of services to citizens, remains unforeseen.


At the Health Department, patient care was not affected. The Regulation System (Sisreg), hosted in the datacenter of the Ministry of Health, continues to function normally.

The situation is different in some health units, which work with the Iplan network. In these places, it is not possible to enter new requests for exams and consultations in the regulatory systems. “In this case, the process is being registered manually and then entered. In the urgency and emergency units, the service remains normal, but it was necessary to return to the paper chart”, informed the city hall.

The Health Surveillance Institute (Ivisa-Rio) is temporarily without the services of Online Health Licensing, consultation of electronic processes, online document issuance, castration schedule and animal chipping system. On the other hand, care at veterinary units and demands for zoonoses, in addition to inspections, occur without interruptions.


The treasury systems are still offline, including IPTU collection and issuance of invoices, payment of the tax on the transfer of real estate (ITBI). The Department of Finance and Planning reported that even with the problem on the portal, the collection should not be affected by the stoppage period.

“ITBI guides issued on the website can be paid until the due date, which is 30 days after issuance. Anyone who has not printed a form in advance, without late payment or fine, that expires in those days, can simply generate a new protocol to receive another form with a new expiration date. The ITBI guides that are issued after the deed of the property, with an incidence of late payment or fine, have the same value until the last working day of the month”, he informed.

The City Hall reminds you that the payment slips for the Property Tax and Urban Territorial Property (IPTU) and the Tax on Services (ISS) expire at the beginning of the month. “If the taxpayer has not made the payment within the due date, it is important to remember that the amount of the fine is monthly and is valid until the last working day of August”.

Taxpayers who issue Nota Carioca can fill in a Provisional Service Receipt (RPS), obtained virtually or at stationery stores, and replace it with Nota Carioca later.

“In order not to harm the taxpayer, the Secretary of Finance and Planning will publish a resolution in which it will not consider the days of system downtime as working days”, informed the city hall.

Assistance and education

CadÚnico’s service at the social assistance reference centers (Cras) was suspended by the Secretary of Social Assistance, but the other services are working normally.

In the area of ​​education, classes were not suspended as a result of the hacker attack on the municipal school system and there were no damages to academic life.

The Operations Center (COR) services, the 1746 and the Táxi.Rio application operate normally.

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