Régimen sandinista secuestra a Monseñor Rolando Álvarez

Sandinista regime kidnaps Monsignor Rolando Álvarez

MIAMI, United States. — The Nicaraguan National Police kidnapped at dawn today a Monsignor Rolando AlvarezNicaraguan priest and bishop critical of the Daniel Ortega regime.

The fact was denounced on social networks by the journalist Carlos Fernando Chamorro, who reported that the bishop of the Diocese of Matagalpa was taken to an unknown whereabouts.

“Police stormed the Episcopal Curia of Matagalpa this morning. Monsignor Rolando Álvarez was kidnapped in a truck, heading unknown. The other priests and laity were taken in separate vehicles. Only Bishop Oscar Escoto remained in the cure,” Chamorro said in his account. Twitter.


reports of different Press media they highlight that Monsignor Fernando Álvarez remained confined along with a dozen people since last August 4 in the Episcopal Curia of our Diocese of Matagalpa, located in the northern region of the Central American country.

The religious leader and those who accompanied him were besieged after Álvarez himself denounced the closure of five Catholic stations and demanded respect for Daniel Ortega’s regime and respect for religious “freedom”.

According to the National Police, the Diocese of Matagalpa is being investigated for trying to “organize violent groups” and incite “hate” to “destabilize the State of Nicaragua.”

A video that has been circulating for several hours on social networks shows that at the time of the search of the Episcopal Curia there was a ringing of bells that would have alerted the parishioners of what was happening.

Álvarez is one of the most critical voices in the Nicaraguan Catholic hierarchy. Her sermons frequently condemn the violation of human rights, religious persecution and abuses of power perpetrated in that nation.

Lawyer Martha Patricia Molina, a prominent Nicaraguan investigator, pointed out that until this week the Nicaraguan Catholic Church had suffered more than 250 attacks from the Ortega regime and its sympathizers, including beatings of priests, desecration of temples, armed attacks, burnings and siege, among others.

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