Volkswagen sells 5.3 million vehicles through August

Volkswagen sells 5.3 million vehicles through August

German automobile group volkswagen sold 5,300,600 vehicles worldwide through August, down 16.2% from the same months in 2021.

The group volkswagen reported today that last August it delivered 700,100 units, 12.7% more than in the same month of the previous year, due to the increase in Western Europe, North America, South America and China.

The regions

volkswagen sold in China until August 2,057,300 vehicles (-11.5%), but in the month of August it delivered 297,300 units (+24.8%).

Sales in Western Europe fell in the first eight months of the year to 1,712,600 units (-17.1%) and in Central and Eastern Europe, to 295,100 units (-39.8%).

Likewise, sales in North America worsened in the same period to 557,00 units (-13.2%) and in South America to 292,300 units (-17.1%).

group sales volkswagen they fell in the Middle East and Africa through August to 180,700 units (-26.6%).

The group’s brands

The brand volkswagen delivered 2,904,200 units up to August (-15.4% compared to the same months of 2021).

The Czech brand Skoda reduced sales to 476,500 units (-26%) and the Spanish brand Seat/Cupra, to 261,000 vehicles (-26.6%).

The division of vehicles commercials sold between January and August 206,200 units (-21.4%).

High-end brand Audi also worsened deliveries in the same period to 1,051,900. vehicles (-15.6%), but Lamborghini and Bentley raised them to 16,600 units (+5.2%).

The sports car manufacturer Porsche practically kept them at 196,500 units (-0.7%).

Truck producer MAN delivered 48,400 units (-19.7%), volkswagen Truck & Bus, 38,600 units (-2.8%), the Swedish Scania, 50,000 trucks and buses (-17.8%) and Navistar, 50,800 units (+416.3%).

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