Vladimir Cerrón: "I don't know anyone who doesn't live from the State"

Vladimir Cerrón: “I don’t know anyone who doesn’t live from the State”

The general secretary of , , asserted that he does not know anyone who “does not live from the State.” This after it was revealed that he received 12,500 soles a month from his party as part of the budget received by the groups that passed the election in the last elections.

“I don’t know anyone who doesn’t live from the state, or anyone who thinks they are more private than anyone else. The media say I pay you with “my taxes”, as if one did not pay taxes and perhaps more than those who criticize. Hypocrisy works on the unwary, but not on the connoisseurs.”he wrote on his Twitter account.

The statement by Cerrón Rojas comes after the Sunday newspaper Punto Final detailed that Cerrón received a salary payment in February for S / 3,500 and then in the following months, March, April and May, he received a salary of S /12,500 each month.

Regarding this issue, the head of the National Office for Electoral Processes (ONPE), Piero Corvetto, announced that they will investigate the use of public funds by political parties.

Regarding any complaint that may have been made, we are in the verification and control stage. I am in a sanctioning stage and I could not comment on it”, he declared for the press.


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