Visits of Pedro Castillo’s nephews to the Government Palace would have been hidden

The president’s nephews Fray Vásquez Castillo and Gian Marco Castillo Gómez, who remain fugitives from justice, would have entered the Government Palace 43 times, in addition to those that were officially registered with the Public Ministry.

As revealed this Sunday by the newspaper El Comercio, Pedro Castillo’s nephews entered through gate 6 of the Government Palace between August and November of last year, during the first months of the current government.

The report reveals that door 6 is an entrance used exclusively for the president’s family, the door leads to the presidential residence, is used for domestic matters and is on the side of the Chabuca Granda mall.

Meanwhile, the formal entrance of the guests to the Palace to deal with work issues is the Desamparados door.

It is so Vasquez Y Castle they entered together, in others each on their own. It should be noted that both weigh a preventive detention order for the Puente Tarata case.

The “Puerta de Garita” vehicle entry and exit record book indicates a total of 60 entries through gate 6 for both nephews. Of these 60 admissions, only 17 were recorded for the official report that is on the institutional portal. The other 43 admissions were not reported to the prosecution.


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