Inicia feria “Inespre Está de Madre” en San Pedro de Macorís

Fair “Inespre Is Mother” begins in San Pedro de Macorís

Thousands of residents in the Eastern Region of the country came to buy food and household products at low costs at the Great Producers’ Fair “Inespre Está de Madre” that began this weekend in the Tetelo Vargas Stadium parking lot in San Pedro de Macorís and will be extended to all regions of the country by order of the Presidency of the Republic.

Attendees were able to purchase eggs by weight, carton of eggs at 90 pesos, chickens at 150 pesos, hens at 100 pesos, bananas at $1 and $2, rice at 20 pesos a pound, potatoes at 10 pesos a pound and a wide range of products offered 30 to 50 percent less than in the local market.

Iván Hernández Guzmán, director of Inespre, indicated that “Mothers are the most special beings in the house, they take care of us, pamper us and play a very important role in the upbringing, education and protection of children and for this reason President Luis Abinader instructed us to carry out four large regional fairs dedicated to Dominican mothers called “Inespre Está de Madre”.

Hernández Guzmán thanked the support received from the local authorities and above all from the residents of the Eastern region, especially those of San Pedro de Macorís, for attending the event en masse and trusting the products that sells the Inespre of quality and at low costs.

The “Inespre Esta de Madre” Fair in San Pedro de Macorís took place on Friday, May 5 and Saturday, May 6 at Tetelo Vargas from nine in the morning until five in the afternoon and the governor of San Pedro, Aracelis Villanueva, participated. ; the governor of La Altagracia, Martina Pepen; the mayor of the area, Raymundo Ortiz; the deputy, Luis Gómez; the mayor of Quisqueya, Richard Montilla; the deputy director of the IAD, Cesar Cedeño; as well as the deputy directors of Inespre, Lino Fulgencio and Eudi Collado; the regional director, Edgar García; the person in charge of San Pedro, Francisco Rosario; the person in charge at La Romana, Alexander Guerrero and other special guests.

Lino Fulgencio, deputy director of Inespre; Aracelis Villanueva, governor and deputy Luis Gómezcoincided in emphasizing that Inespre is in tune with the intentions of the President of the Republic, Luis Abinader, to facilitate access to food for the population in order to face the impact that international factors have had on local production and to guarantee security country food.

The program “unexpected It’s on fire with its Great Producers’ Fairs” will continue next Friday, May 13 and Saturday, May 14 at the Azua Sports Center for the inhabitants of the South Region; on Friday May 20 and Saturday May 21 in the parking lot of the Cibao Gran Arena Stadium to cover the North Region and will culminate on Friday May 27, Saturday May 28 and Sunday May 29 at the old Herrera Airport, on Luperón Avenue, from the 9 in the morning until 5 in the afternoon.

In addition to low-cost food sales, attendees will have access to special offers, tastings, artistic activities, raffles and animations. The organization of these events has the support of the Presidency of the Republic, the Ministry of Agriculture, the provincial governments, some municipalities, private companies and other entities.

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