[Video]: Fire in Bello textile factory has consumed about 30 tons of cotton

[Video]: Fire in Bello textile factory has consumed about 30 tons of cotton

At the end of the afternoon of this Monday, May 23, the a structural fire in one of the warehouses of the company Fabricatoan important textile company in the municipality of Bello, north of the Valle de Aburrá.

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According to information provided to RCN Mundo by Captain Nelson Zuluaica, commander of the fire department of this town, in the place there were about 30 tons of pressed cotton and progress was made in the management of a forklift machine to be able to evacuate the combustible material from this place.

“More or less at 5:30 in the afternoon we were informed by the company that a structural fire was taking place. Upon arriving at the site we found a warehouse with pressed cotton and the company tells me that it is between 30 and 35 tonsZuluaica said.

The commander also stated that due to the difficulty of access to the place, it was necessary to break one of the walls of the warehouse so that he and the personal teams could enter and work to extinguish the fire.

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The emergency too was supported by six units of the fire department of the municipality of Copacabana, closing the fire from different points. Additionally, 36 people, including 15 brigade members of the company were able to prevent people from being injured, injured or deceased in this event.

Wber Zapata, Secretary of Risk Management of the municipality of Bello, indicated that the causes of the emergency are unknown and will be the subject of investigation.

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