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Cuban peasant asks the regime to remove restrictions for farmers

MADRID, Spain.- Cuban farmer Leonel Capote, a resident of Güira de Melena, Artemisa province, denounced through social networks the problems that Cuban farmers have to face and the loss of crops due to poor government management.

“In a few months, agricultural products will be more scarce. The cold season crops are over. It has not been possible to prepare the land to plant summer products due to lack of fuel, wasting the precious time that it did not rain,” explained the producer in Twitter.

Regarding the problems with fuel, he also pointed out that what they sell in the cooperative is insufficient for food production and they have to resort to CUPETs from all over the province looking for it to work.

Capote, who had exposed this situation on previous occasions, explained: “The rains have already begun, the grass is growing and the land has not been plowed (…) It is a waste of time and the days are passing by. That which cannot be sown today is what will be lacking in the coming months. (…) It will be food that will be missing from the table.”

“That they do not put more obstacles and restrictions on us peasants to work,” asked the peasant

Leonel Capote was threatened for previous statements

For reporting situations like these, last April the peasant was threatened by the regime.

“Today was the day to punish the peasant tweeter. My tweets written very politely and without offending anyone, trying to solve my problems as a peasant, after being resolved, offended, ”Capote himself posted on his Twitter account, along with a image of an official summons from the Cuban authorities.

Leonel Capote had explained that his pumpkin harvest was being lost, because there was no destination for it, despite the fact that the Government called on the peasants to produce more.

“Here is my harvest. What do we do with her?”, questioned the producer.

Cuban farmers are forced to sell most of their production, for very low prices, and generally late, to the state company Gathering. Faced with all these problems, some choose to sell them to individuals, even running the risk of being fined.

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