Video: Presunto asesino de pareja en Santiago Rodríguez pide llamar un «coronel»

Video: Alleged murderer of a couple in Santiago Rodríguez asks to call a “colonel”

In a video that circulates through social networks, the representative of the Ministry of Industry and Commerce in Santiago Rodríguez, Carlos Juan Rodriguez Garciaask him to be called a colonel.

“Commander, call the colonel here who is a personal friend of mine, tell him that Carlos Juan is here,” said.

In the video It can be seen how the detainee for the alleged murder of two people and for injuring two others, identifies himself as responsible for that government entity in said province.

“You are wrong. I am the director of Industry and Commerce, you are shameless”.

Carlos Juan also launched several offenses against law enforcement officers who warned him that he would be arrested and asked him to calm down.

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“I am a serious man here. You don’t know who you’re talking to. No shame,” added the detainee. Said situation would have occurred at a different time than what is accused.

Carlos Juan Rodriguez Garcia, 34, is in the custody of the authorities after allegedly killing Juan de los Santos Peralta Barrientos36 years old, and her partner, Marielis Anabel Vargas Villalona27 years old.

In addition, the official would have caused gunshot wounds to Erlin Alberto Gomezcouncilor for the People’s Force and businessman of the transport of the route Santiago Rodriguez- Santiago. Likewise, Eduardo de Jesús Espinal Fernández is wounded.

The health status of the people injured in the incident is stable.

The bodies were transferred to National Institute of Forensic Sciences (Inacif) in Santiago de los Caballeros.

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