Four Venezuelans die in a traffic accident on the Maicao-Riohacha road

Five people died, including four Venezuelans, in a traffic accident that occurred at kilometer 54 of the Riohacha – Maicao road, very close to the Cuatro Vías sector.

The commander of the Police of La Guajira, Colonel Hernando García Arrieta, confirms the information and says that several goats were passing through the road and one of the vehicles involved tried to avoid them, so it invaded the opposite lane and it was time in which the frontal accident occurred, reports the newspaper The Venezuelan Colombia.

Duván Rafael Fuenmayor Medina, 53, a Venezuelan driver, and Roberto Iguarán, a Colombian, died in the van-type vehicle with a black HBS 915 license plate.

In this vehicle were Delvid De Jesús Urariyu and Yenis Days Sipuana, who were injured.

Venezuelans Roberto Antonio Mogollón, Antonio Javier Toro and Dulce María Hernández Reyes died in the Mazda, license plate PEP 620. Also traveling with them was Dariany Carolina Reyes Luzardo, a Venezuelan, who was injured.

According to the Police, the injured were taken to care centers in Maicao.

On this road between Maicao and Riohacha there are numerous accidents that have been recorded due to animals crossing the road and trying to be dodged by drivers, causing them to lose control of the vehicles, says the media The Herald.

This weekend in Peru, a Venezuelan also died in a road accident while driving his motorcycle and was hit by a vehicle at Prolongación Huaylas Avenue in Chorrillos, Lima, Peru.

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