They ask young people to investigate what heritage is about after discovering another attack in Cusco (PHOTOS)

They ask young people to investigate what heritage is about after discovering another attack in Cusco (PHOTOS)

A new attack against heritage was recorded in the Historic Center of Cusco, this time in the Espinar square, where the La Merced temple is located, cataloged as cultural heritage of the Nation.

The morning of the last Wednesday several letters were discovered made with, apparently, green spray paint phosphorescent on a wall that is a few meters from the main access door of the aforementioned temple.

The archaeologist Carmen Farfán from the Ministry of Culture – Heritage Defense Area arrived at the place, in order to quantify the damages committed in the place and establish the paint cleaning process.

“We have come to verify this affectation by a vandal entity, which has placed a graffiti on the wall of La Merced. We urge young people not to do that kind of thing because they spoil the cultural heritage of the entire Nation”, he pointed.

He then mentioned that they still do not know for sure what materials were used to make the inscriptions, This material is being analyzed to establish if it is acrylic paint, enamel or some other type, and according to it start with the process of ablution of the stones.

The specialist mentioned that, with the appropriate techniques, it will take them about a day to clean the wall, taking the opportunity to call on young people to learn more about our culture, before damaging it.

“I call everyone, but especially our young people, who are the ones who mostly commit these acts of vandalism, to know a little more about our heritage, to investigate and study, only then will they stop doing this type of work”, culminated.

The graphs show what would be a signature, with the letters S, T and V. The authorities review the video surveillance system to establish who made the pints and proceed with their location and sanction.

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