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“Very skinny, emaciated”: Activist Yasmany González has spent more than 35 days in Villa Marista

Havana Cuba. – “I saw him very badly, very upset”, said to CubaNet Ilsa Ramos Bellido, wife of activist Yasmany González Valdés, who has been detained for more than 35 days in Villa Marista, the Cuban State Security headquarters.

“He told me: ‘I’m desperate because I’ve been here for 35 days and they don’t tell me when they’re going to take me out. These people are terrorists and they ask me the same thing and the same thing,” said Ramos Bellido.

“I was super nervous, but also, physically he looked very skinny because he has lost a lot of weight and he also looks very emaciated. He said that the food is very little, that they have him locked up and that there are mosquitoes, ”said the activist’s wife.

Ramos Bellido also explained that the authorities accuse his partner for the crime of “propaganda against State organs” for allegedly having painted anti-government posters.

Ilsa Ramos Bellido (Photo: CubaNet)

“The lawyer does not give me much information because she says that she is handling it as private as possible. She put two changes in size and they were denied. So she is doing psychiatric exams, I think to defend him for that part, ”explained the young woman.

Yasmany González Valdés was arrested on April 20, after a search of his home. “They took an empty bucket, a brush and a mechanic’s overalls. They wanted to occupy some tennis shoes that belonged to my child, but they left them, “said Ramos Bellido.

The interviewee also highlighted that the authorities have not offered her any type of information about her husband’s legal situation, which she described as a violation of her rights.

“How are they going to have you in a place [preso] And they are not going to tell you how long they are going to keep you there? In a place that has no conditions, where you are locked up, where there are mosquitoes, where there is no ventilation of any kind. What they are doing to him is torture,” the young woman denounced.

Likewise, the woman assured that in previous visits she has been questioned by the officer in charge of her partner’s case. “They put me in a room to ask me questions, if I am paid [desde el exterior]that if I support Yasmany’s ideas, things like that, “he explained.

At the beginning of April, González Valdés was summoned to the Zanja Police station in Havana, where they tried to frame him and associate him with the alleged actions of the group known as “Nuevo Directorio”.

Due to his critical stance against the Cuban regime on social networks, where he is known as “Libre Libre”, the young man has been harassed by State Security.

At the close of this note, Ramos Bellido reported that this Saturday her husband was transferred to the maximum security prison Combinado del Este.

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