Prosecutor’s Office demands to give priority to the expertise of the "posthumous letter" to determine if it is the authorship of the deceased auditor of Fassil

Prosecutor's Office demands to give priority to the expertise of the "posthumous letter" to determine if it is the authorship of the deceased auditor of Fassil

May 29, 2023, 3:39 PM

May 29, 2023, 3:39 PM

the posthumous letter supposedly written by Carlos Alberto Colodro, the Fassil Bank Controllerwho passed away on Saturday night, May 27, is subject to investigation number one priority given by the Public Prosecutor’s Office in order to establish if it is the authorship of the inspector.

The departmental prosecutor of Santa Cruz, Róger Mariaca, indicated that it is important to make it known that through a fiscal requirement it has been requested that the expertise be prioritized to determine whether or not it is the letter of the deceased controller.

“HWe have demanded, as the Public Ministry, that priority is given to expertise (from the posthumous letter) for that the veracity of the same be reported by the Police or the Prosecutor’s Office. It would be irresponsible to comment at this time, since I still do not know the result of it, but the Public Ministry does. immediately required the Iitcup (Institute of Technical Scientific Investigations of the Police University) to carry out the expertise,” stressed the Santa Cruz prosecutor.

He added that the prosecutors commission is investigating all the evidence collected at the scene, the Ambassador building, from where Colodro fell on Saturday night. “The place where the deceased person was located today is an office, where presumably he would have made a posthumous note or letter. These are elements that are being considered by experts and that response is the result of the expert reports will be reported during the day or tomorrow (Tuesday),” said Mariaca.

According to the first elements investigated, the controller was alone on the 15th floor of the Ambassador building, he had contacted a security guard twice, the first time when he arrived at the tower and the second time when he went to the bathroom.

The testimonies of the guards on duty were received by the Prosecutor’s Office and the Police, as well as two of Colodro’s work colleagues and a woman.

The informative statement of those cited and people who volunteered, in addition to the result of the expertise of the letter, seek to give a horizon to the investigations.

The investigative work is not only carried out by prosecutors and experts from the Santa Cruz units, but from La Paz, Sucre and Cochabamba, who were delegated by the State Attorney General’s Office, to assist in the investigations.

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