Useful Holidays: Kids' Classes in Video Game Making, 3D Printing and Design, and Robotics

Useful Holidays: Kids’ Classes in Video Game Making, 3D Printing and Design, and Robotics

Peruvian children and adolescents will be able to learn innovative courses such as: Leadership-Design thinking, video game creation (Roblox, Minecraft, Python, Unity), 3D design and printing, virtual and augmented reality, robotics, content creation for YouTube, entrepreneurship, among others with the aim of showing them the careers of the future and turning their ideas into reality.

“The Design Thinking course, which is already taught in various schools in the United Kingdom, is prepared for children, from a young age, to think like leaders and find solutions, through technology and the design of mobile applications, to various problems that can be presented in your community “, Explain Dely goicochea, director of who also announced that the courses are aimed at children (from 5 years old) and adolescents and will begin next Monday, January 10.

Summer courses

For this summer 2022, in addition to the Design Thinking course, about twenty subjects will be taught on video game creation Roblox, Minecraft, Python, Unity), and APP, augmented reality, virtual reality, 3D printing, content creation for YouTube, among many others that adjust to the current labor demand and train techno-entrepreneurs so that, from a very young age, they develop business plans using agile entrepreneurship methodologies.

And it is that, in the current context, and new normality, it can be affirmed that the professional careers that were previously considered the future are now those of the present, with a high demand in the labor market to create innovative solutions. “Although the pandemic has accelerated the demand for this type of professionals, these careers were already beginning to take off due to the emergence of what is called Industry 4.0, which is none other than the technological revolution, which was beginning to give way to a new type of entrepreneur: the techno-entrepreneur “, defines Dely Goicochea.

It is, in that sense, the online educational institution and Design Club, which have made a strategic alliance, prepares children with the necessary skills that allow them to face the labor demand that is consolidated in current times. STEAM subjects linked to entrepreneurship must be present in children’s education. Only in this way will the gap between demand and labor supply be avoided.

It is also worth mentioning the commitment to work that is being carried out with the “Digital Girls” program promoted by the Digital Government Secretariat of the Presidency of the Council of Ministers. Both institutions seek to train children and adolescents to be creative thinkers and to solve the world’s problems.

Course details:

  • Design Thinking: It will guide the child through the whole innovative thinking process. Define a challenge, empathize with people, devise a solution, prototype a mobile application or App, Test and finally show it to the world through a high-impact presentation.
  • Roblox: You can create technology and video games. And you can do it with your favorite game, Roblox! You will learn step by step to develop your video game with Roblox Studio’s Toolbox. He will create projects while he knows the interface, he will insert blocks, he will learn to add scripts and he will bring all your creativity to life.
  • Design and 3D printing: The child will learn to immerse themselves in the world of three-dimensional design through Tinkercad. You will learn about the world of mechanical drawing, what assemblies are and how they can help you create more complete objects. You will learn to personalize three-dimensional objects until you have them in your own hands. You will develop, test and refine incredible prototypes.
  • Virtual and augmented reality: You can program a virtual world and bring it to augmented reality. You can develop three-dimensional objects, mold real objects into basic geometric figures, create multiplatform games, the jenga game, scape rooms, and much more.
  • Small entrepreneurs: Your little one will launch his own startup, think outside the box, create unique solutions and present them to successful entrepreneurs to receive the best advice and succeed in business from a very young age. Your mission will be to define your product or service and prepare your business plan based on the 6ps: Public, Product, Price, Place, Promotion and Pitch.
  • Content creation for YouTube: Well now your son can become a Youtuber and have his own channel. You will express your creativity in the content of your videos through storytelling, you will learn how to record, edit and publish your videos with your own style and personality and then publish them on YouTube.


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