Urudata received recognition from Hewlett Packard Enterprise (HPE)

Being a partner of HPE for more than 20 years –and thus becoming its main partner in Uruguay–, has earned Urudata a new recognition: being, in the last year, the one that sold its technology the most. In other words, having sold the HPE technological equipment that allows organizations to support all their business processes.

For Urudata -leader in the market for IT solutions integrators-, HPE is among the most important partners of the firm and with the greatest presence in the country. If you talk about HPE in Uruguay, you think of Urudata, a firm that has important clients, both in the private market and in the public sector.

The recognition it received from HPE refers to the fact that, in the last fiscal year – between November 2020 and October 2021 – Urudata was the partner that sold the largest number of its products, thanks to the certifications that enable it to sell, implement and support HPE solutions in the country.

“We at Urudata are solution integrators; On the one hand, we offer services that we develop with our own technical staff, a highly trained team with a vocation for service that is recognized and highlighted by our clients. And on the other hand, we offer solutions that we obviously do not manufacture, that is why we are integrators, because we integrate different third-party solutions and we contribute with our added value when doing so”, Andrés Galiana, engineer and manager of Commercial Processes at Urudata.

In that sense, they have “different partners” and one of them is, precisely, Hewlett Packard, “one of the workhorses” within the approximately 40 partners of Urudata. “We integrate solutions, we sell those solutions, we implement them, and then we support them,” he insisted.

Recognition received by Urudata.

By way of precision, Galiana made reference to the differences between the two HP. “A few years ago HP was opened in two different companies: HPE and HP inc. The latter is focused on users, selling desktop computers, printers, keyboards and monitors, among others. And HPE specializes in business solutions, infrastructure solutions, like servers, storage equipment, networking,” he said.

The manager of Commercial Processes of Urudata mentioned that alliances such as this one with the US company are “key”, which allows them to buy directly and then “resell here”, without having to go through various intermediaries. Of course, “this is a great differential that allows us to be competitive, but it also implies a strong investment in time and capacities that must be generated and certified in order to represent brands in the professional manner that the market demands,” he stressed. he.

Urudata’s relationship with HPE spans more than two decades, during which time the Uruguayan company has received more than one recognition from its partner. “Historically it is something that has been sustained; It is not something punctual. The punctual thing is that they gave us this award,” said Galiana. Although, of course, “recognition from partners is always good; Within our annual objectives we have goals that have to do with the positioning of the brands. And this is a way of validating that.”

Urudata is one of the “strongest” IT companies nationwide and one that enjoys the trust of its customers. The engineer stressed that within the differentials with the competition is that Urudata has been accumulating “certain certifications” required by HPE and by the most recognized leading technology manufacturers in this region.

“In Uruguay we are the integrator with the highest levels of certification validated by the brand, and the one with the best-prepared technical staff, with experience that has been built up over years of mutual work with the manufacturer. That is an added value, which allows us to sell almost the entire HPE solution line, and then support it with the service levels that the market demands”.

In turn, Urudata maintains a stock of parts, of spare parts, the largest of HPE in Uruguay. “This allows us to offer and meet very demanding service levels, such as having to repair or replace a part in less than two hours. It allows us to provide a service according to what is needed, considering that we are talking about the equipment where the critical workloads of the companies run”, he added.

the two tastes

On his side, Mariano Bakovich, HPE Territory Manager for Uruguay and Paraguay -and with whom Urudata maintains a permanent dialogue-, emphasized that the Uruguayan company received the recognition because it was the one that “sold the most” “business solutions ” of HPE in Uruguay.

“We gave it that mention for being the number one in Uruguay in selling our services; although Urudata is also a partner that delivers services. Because we do not exist in Uruguay. We have several partners there, but they have – let’s say – both tastes: in addition to reselling products and solutions, they can deliver or provide services on our behalf. Which is a separate contract,” he explained.

Anything “field work”, HPE trusts Urudata. “We also do it with others, but Urudata is the one that pays more, and has more years and more presence in certain accounts, both in government and private accounts,” argued Bakovich.

Urudata works as a business partner, with which HPE has sold “complex projects”. “We are at the heart of our clients’ business. If I refer to business, it has to be seen not only as something lucrative, but what makes those organizations that depend a lot on technology live so that they can get ahead, and carry on day to day. That is a peculiarity that we have with them, not only do they resell a server, but we also deliver very complex solutions to the end customer”.

Bakovich praised the efficiency and “quality” of Urudata so that “things work”. “They make me look good,” said this Argentine who regularly visits our country. “Partners are fundamental”, both in the moments when “we are the champions”, and in the “bad” ones. “Urudata is a business partner of this caliber. We grow with Urudata and Urudata grows with us; it is a symbiotic relationship, something that is not minor. It seems silly, a cliché, but it is like that, symbiotic. Back and forth,” he added.

“It takes the prize because in addition to billing there are more complex things. The business relationship does not happen if you sold me this server a little cheaper, it is a more intrinsic relationship. In addition, they comply with the rules, with all the courses. The manual and the extra courses. That for my company is a plus, it is not minor”, ​​concluded Bakovich.

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