Unidad 1 de Punta Catalina entra a mantenimiento mayor

Unit 1 of Punta Catalina enters major maintenance

The Punta Catalina Thermoelectric Power Plant informs that this Sunday, March 28, unit I went out of service to comply with scheduled annual major maintenance. It will be extended for an estimated period of 45 days.

This maintenance plan is being communicated to the authorities of the Coordinating Body of the National Interconnected Electric System (OCE-SENI).

The Thermoelectric Power Plant Catalina Point operates two power generation units of 376 gross MW each, for a total of 752 gross MW.

Plant Operation

Plant #1 of the Punta Catalina thermoelectric plant has been operating normally for some time. This unit maintains a power or capacity offer that ranges between 340 MW and 350 MW or an average of 345 MW.

In addition, the emissions of pollutants CO2, SO2 and NOX, for example, are at very low levels, in correspondence with their own original design values ​​and well below those required by national environmental regulations, and also by international requirements. .

Those routine operation data of plant #1 of Catalina Point can be checked. Any citizen and members of the press can make a free visit, at any time and day, to the control rooms of the plant. “We have nothing at all to hide” say the managers.

Each unit of the plant maintains in its control panels a history of the maximum and minimum daily power produced, as well as the statistics of pollutant emissions. In this way, the information cited for any day or month can be easily verified. Furthermore, regulatory and coordinating bodies such as the OC and the Superintendency of Electricity It also keeps a statistical history of Catherine Point.

Now, in the month of last april (2021) there was a technical shutdown of plant #1 to change some 1,232 hoses and baskets, in order to keep pollutant emissions within the regular ranges of the plant and below what is required by Law 64-00 on the Environment and the regulations international. But these are specific situations, never routine or regular.

We make this clarification to contribute to a better informative construction of the Dominican people on a topic of great interest. The CDEEEE and the plant’s technical and administrative team work with dedication and great care in the efficient operation of Punta Catalina.

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