UN estimates there will be 8.3 million Ukrainian refugees

The UN considered on Tuesday that 8.3 million people could flee Ukraine this year as a result of the Russian invasion launched on February 24, for which it asked to double humanitarian aid to deal with this crisis.

The organization estimates that 5.2 million Ukrainians have already fled their country due to the conflict.

Faced with a worsening of the situation, the UN High Commissioner for Refugees – who at the beginning of the war estimated that the conflict would leave 4 million refugees – requested 1,850 million dollars to support refugees in neighboring countries.

This update of the projections “was established in collaboration with the authorities and with neighboring countries, but it is important to remember that the situation is very dynamic,” said the High Commissioner’s spokeswoman, Shabia Mantoo, at a press conference in Geneva.

For its part, the UN doubled its request for emergency humanitarian aid for Ukraine to 2.25 billion dollars.

“More than $2.25 billion is now needed to respond to Ukraine’s needs, more than double the amount requested ($1.1 billion) when we launched the appeal on March 1, a few days after the start of the war,” he said. the UN Office for the Coordination of Humanitarian Affairs.

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