For analysts, Pettengill is a good option in the ANR

In recent days, rumors have emerged about a possible change in the official’s presidential badge. Mario Abdo Benítez, the national president, would welcome the candidacy of Luis Pettengill for President of the Republic, instead of Hugo Velázquez.

The other option could be that Pettengill is the candidate of the Colorado consensus, to avoid some exhausting internal elections on December 18.

Hugo Estigarribia, former national senator for the ANR and constitutional lawyer, commented that it is logical that an analysis be made for the change between Velázquez and Pettengill, since the Vice President, after the agreement with Chartism to keep Sandra Quiñónez, Attorney General of the State , lost credibility and a lot of strength as a candidate.
“The information I handle is that Pettengill wants to be the unit’s candidate. The candidate who unites Chartism with the ruling party. He is a man linked to both sectors. He was one of the businessmen who worked best in the Cartes government and has family ties with Marito”, he commented.

He said at another time that he sees Pettengill as more likely to come to power than the two main Colorado candidates like Velázquez and Peña.
“Peña is completely dependent on Cartes and Velázquez is a politician who does not have a very good record. The Colorado Party should present a better candidacy which could be Pettengill”, he explained.

Selva Castiñeira, a political scientist, stated that she knows him as a businessman, but she never saw him in the political arena. She argued that he could be a good option if the electorate accepts him.
“I don’t think Santiago Peña will lose his position, so Pettengill could be the ruling party’s candidate, but what happens is that the votes are anti-government. In other words, voters prefer to vote for candidates who oppose the government”, he warned.

Finally, he said that the ruling party’s candidate is not ensuring the elections based on the intention of the electorate’s votes. Then the figure of Pettengill arises as an option for a better positioning facing the internal.

Martín Arévalo, a national senator for Chartism, said for his part that the same thing will happen with Velázquez that happened with him. In the sense that Mario Abdo first announced that he would accompany Hugo Velázquez’s candidacy, but then he could abandon him.

“We saw him in meetings swearing allegiance and that they will go together until the end, but now he is reeling. For me it will not be any surprise that the plate is changed. I think it may well be Pettengill with Wiens or vice versa. So I think that is what is being put together. I wouldn’t be surprised if Marito makes that move because the way he acts in politics is already known, ”he said.
The senator affirmed that he had already been through the same thing, taking into account that first, Abdo encouraged him to be a candidate for mayor, and then asked him to dismount, offering him a Ministry as a “consolation gift”.

Arévalo pointed out that despite only knowing Pettengill for the presidency of Cerro, he could be a better candidate than Hugo Velázquez, since the Vice President has a very strong rejection.

It should be remembered that in contact with our media, the businessman stated that he would like to be president of the Republic, although he ruled out any offer from Mario Abdo.

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