Murillo uses his "subjects to satisfy his new whim": Confiscate OAS headquarters

Murillo uses his “subjects to satisfy his new whim”: Confiscate OAS headquarters

The former official of the Supreme Court of Justice (CSJ) of Nicaragua, Yader Morazán, tweeted that the “subjects” of the spokeswoman for the dictatorship, Rosario Murillo, will seek a “legal mechanism” to “satisfy their new whim” of confiscating the headquarters of the Organization of American States (OAS) in Managua. Murillo reported this afternoon, in his propaganda media, that the building of the continental body was declared a public object.

“The Office of the Attorney General of the Republic of Nicaragua informs that the real estate that was occupied by the office of the deplorable OAS, despicable OAS, has been declared a public utility and will pass to the Nicaraguan State, which through the (…) Institute of Culture will develop the museum of infamy,” said the regime’s spokeswoman in her monologue to official media.

He added that the agreement will enter into force when it is published in the official newspaper La Gaceta. “This is all good news; it is to expel and confirm the expulsion and ratification of the OAS as an infamous and despicable ministry of colony,” Murillo ranted.

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“Now it is the turn of Rosario Murillo’s subjects to seek the legal mechanism to satisfy their last whim, because the OAS headquarters enjoys diplomatic immunity, the property belongs to an alien third party, there is no law that allows confiscation and to expropriate you must compensate, “explained Yader Morazán on his Twitter account.

Before this announcement, the OAS condemned the illegal taking that the regime did to its facilities. In addition, the secretary of the regional organization, Luis Almagro, warned of consequences for such actions.

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In an exclusive interview with Article 66the former executive of the Inter-American Commission on Human Rights, Paulo Abrão explained that the occupation of the OAS building is an illegal expropriation.

The journalist Carlos Fernando, brother of the political prisoner and presidential candidate Cristiana Chamorro, wrote on his Twitter account: “Murillo orders the declaration of public utility for the OAS offices in Managua, a building that a private individual rented from the OAS, and that now it will be illegally confiscated.”

For his part, the former Nicaraguan ambassador to the OAS, Arturo McFields, published on the social network that “the only museum I see in Nicaragua is the Chipote Museum, there as in Auschwitz, we free Nicaraguans are going to remember the 180 brave and together with our sons and daughters we will say never again, never again, never again».

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