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Deputies endorse sentence of up to 40 years for attempted femicide

In the framework of the crisis of femicide violence and disappearances that the country is going through, this Tuesday, the plenary session of the Chamber of Deputies approved changes to the law to establish the crime of attempted femicide and thus allow preventive detention of those responsible.

The opinion, which amends various provisions of the National Code of Criminal Procedures, the National Law of Criminal Enforcement and the Federal Criminal Code, regarding the sanction of attempted femicide, was endorsed with 453 votes in favor, 24 abstentions of the deputies of Movimiento Ciudadano and zero votes against. It was sent to the Senate of the Republic.

The document also establishes the causes of origin of attempted femicide, with penalties ranging between 30 and 40 years in prison; in addition to stipulating informal preventive detention for these cases.

Likewise, it is added that people sentenced for the crimes of femicide or in case of punishable attempt, may not seek parole or early release and the substitution of sentence for crimes in the matter of consummated femicide or in the degree of punishable attempt will not proceed.

Meanwhile, the plenary approved modifying the ruling to leave only the term —feminicide— and eliminate the word —consummated—; and add the concept of a punishable attempt degree.

Right to justice

The opinion indicates that the objective is to ensure the human right of access to justice and reparation of damage in favor of indirect victims in the case of consummated femicide and in favor of the victims in the case of punishable attempt.

When speaking of the project that was formed by eight initiatives of legislators from different benches, the deputy Elizabeth Pérez Valdez (PRD), questioned that the victims be asked to consider themselves lucky not to have died and thus re-victimize them, as well as the justice system that it forces them to become emerging defenders of their rights.

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