Two female officials were removed from office for administering Pfizer vaccine to four-month-old baby

The official who mistakenly administered a dose of Pfizer’s coronavirus vaccine to a four-month-old baby in the Comef mutualist in Florida and another from the same health center they were separated from office this Tuesday, as reported Telenoche and confirmed to The Observer the director of the institution, José Pedro González.

According to other sources consulted, the error originated in personnel of the Honorary Commission for the Fight Against Tuberculosis, in charge of the vaccinations, and led to the initiation of an administrative investigation.

Baby’s mother declared this Tuesday on local television that his son was the victim of “malpractice” and that he will be willing to report to officials, if necessary. “When I vaccinated him I asked twice what vaccine he got and the vaccinator told me they are the same vaccines that are given at two months“, he explained to TV Florida.

When he went to give him the first two vaccines they were fine, but the third told me that he was stronger and that it would hurt more.s. Now when I was leaving after the vaccine was given, (the official) he realized that he had given it badly. They did an investigation and they told me that it was the covid vaccine “, he recounted.

“He gave him two shots well and in the third he did not look at what he was holding and gave it to the baby“he insisted.

The family will move to Montevideo next Monday to submit the child to an ultrasound and thus continue monitoring. As El Obsevador learned, the baby remains preventively hospitalized even though he is in good health.

On Monday night, the MSP issued a statement “in relation to the case of the infant who, by procedural error, received a vaccine that did not correspond.”

As reported by the portfolio, the corresponding actions were carried out “immediately to ensure their health”. “According to the clinical and paraclinical evaluations, is in good health. Corresponding administrative and judicial measures were also taken“the statement added.

As he knew The Observer, the Ministry of Public Health learned about the error on Saturday and reported it to the audit. According to primary information, the mistake occurred because the vaccines were being kept in one place.

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