TRE-RJ cancels mandates of four PL councilors, in Silva Jardim

TSE issues report attesting to the integrity of the electoral system

Technicians from the Superior Electoral Court (TSE) fulfilled, today (29), the eve of the second round of the 2022 general elections, another step in the process of monitoring the integrity of electronic voting systems.TSE issues report attesting to the integrity of the electoral system

The verification of the Totalization Management, Ballot File Receiver, InfoArquivos and WEB Transport systems is part of the schedule of actions that the Court carries out before each election, with the aim of attesting to the security of the electoral process and, if necessary, correcting eventual problems.

The public verification ceremony, which took place at the TSE headquarters in Brasília, was attended by representatives of the Armed Forces, the Federal Police (PF), the Electoral Attorney General’s Office (PGE), the National Council of the Public Ministry (CNMP). ) and the Brazilian Bar Association (OAB), as well as delegates from the PV, PCdoB and Cidadania parties and journalists

In addition to inspecting the integrity of the sealed systems last month, TSE technicians issued the so-called zerésima, whose printed report shows that no votes were previously registered in the totalization system – that is, that there are no votes counted in the system for any of the candidates.

“Everyone was able to come to the TSE to monitor the development of the systems and, from there, we sealed what was inspected, effectively monitored by all the inspection institutions”, declared the TSE’s IT secretary, Júlio Valente, highlighting other inspection steps of the systems carried out over the last year, with the presence of various public entities and organized civil society. “What we have now proven is that what is actually being executed, the systems that are in the air, are the ones that have been sealed.”

In addition to the report that the TSE issues to attest to the integrity of the systems relating to the election for president, it is up to the Regional Electoral Courts (TREs) to print a similar document on the systems under their jurisdiction, including identical aspects of the choice of governor, vice governor , senator, federal deputies and state or district deputies.

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