Karol Cariola’s difficult week on Twitter

It was an intense week for Karol Cariola on Twitter regarding her option to preside over the Chamber of Deputies and Deputies, as reported by the data capture and analysis platform social track. Despite the strong activation of her and her supporters in the little bird’s social network, only comparable to the Exit Plebiscite campaign, the negative mentions of the deputy were greater than those of support. Her main detractors are from the PDG and parliamentarians such as Pamela Giles and Ximena Rincón.

Karol Cariola's difficult week on Twitter

This month and especially this week, Karol Cariola’s presence on Twitter was highly prominent, both for his supporters and his detractors. According to an analysis of the Socialtrack platform, the peak was last Thursday, October 27, reaching the official account of the Deputy and candidate to preside over the Chamber of Deputies more than 20,500 mentions, surpassing the previous peak of October 4 where it had 14 thousand mentions. In the sample, the presence of the opposition hashtag #Noacariola stands out.

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Karol Cariola's difficult week on Twitter

“Despite the presence of political sources close to the PC, the volume of mentions of the positive hashtag #YoEstomConKarolCariola fails to surpass its negative counterpart in mentions, which is promoted by various supports linked to the PDG, which are later supported by the traditional Right-wing political accounts that have been protagonists since the campaign in favor of Rejection. Mariana Aylwin and Pamela Giles also appear among the main broadcasters”. says José Thomas Fernandez, director of analysis at Socialtrack.

Despite the fact that the negative mentions have been greater than those of her adherents, the deputy has not been left out of the activation in her favor, between October 27 and 28, she retweets more than 200 mentions that have used the adherent hashtag. This level of amplification was only seen by her account during the month of August, for the campaign in favor of Approval, however, it was content that was transversal to the option, while this time it was direct content.

36 twitter accounts from the political world interacted with this hashtag in support of Karol Cariola, including other parliamentarians, mayors and official supporters of political parties.

Karol Cariola's difficult week on Twitter

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