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TSE denies request to take down posts linking Lula to PCC

A request by former President Lula to force President Jair Bolsonaro to delete from Twitter posts in which PT and his party are associated with the criminal organization Primeiro Comando da Capital (PCC) was denied this Saturday (20).TSE denies request to take down posts linking Lula to PCC

The decision is by the minister of the Superior Electoral Court (TSE), Maria Claudia Bucchianeri. The measure follows the same understanding of the Electoral Public Ministry.

The request was based on a post in which Bolsonaro uses a video of a TV report that brings the audio of a Federal Police telephone intercept in Operation Cravada. In it, a leader of the faction says that the PT had a “hard dialogue” with them.

When justifying the decision, Bucchianeri points out that the content of the audio presented in the report was not analyzed:

“Without exercising any value judgment on the content of the intercepted conversation, whether true or not, the fact is that the telephone interception brought up in the journalistic article shared and commented on by the represented is real, it occurred in the context of a certain operation coordinated by the Federal Police , so that the respective recording is authentic, which does not imply, I repeat, any analysis of merit on the origin, or not, of what was said by the people whose conversations were being monitored”.

The minister assesses that the interception brings facts that were not “severely decontextualized, manipulated or edited”, therefore, they do not constitute negative and disinformative anticipated propaganda.

Maria Claudia Bucchianeri also denied the Workers’ Party’s request for Bolsonaro to be fined and banned from posting similar content. The campaign of the former president of the Republic must appeal the decision to the plenary of the Electoral Court.

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