They will implement an emergency plan due to the lack of garbage collection

After constant complaints about the lack of waste collection in the province of Panama, the authorities of the Ministry of Health, together with the ministry of the presidency, the corregimiento representatives and the Sanitation Authority will implement an emergency plan due to lack of garbage collection.

According to the Minister of Health, Luis Francisco Sucre, they have held talks with the Vice Minister of the Presidency, Carlos García, so that he summons the representatives of the districts that are being most affected by this situation and in this way implement a emergency plan with which they will seek to counteract this problem.

He stressed that although the Cleansing Authority has been dealing with this issue, they have had some problems, which is why other entities such as the Ministry of Health have had to intervene.

“As health minister, what we have done is coordinate with the presidency so that this emergency plan evolves as quickly as possible and we are going to work on it as a team; not only the Minsa, the presidency and the Cleaning Authority, but also with the representatives who are very concerned about the public health of their township, ”he assured.

Sucre stressed that hand in hand with work it is necessary to have the necessary equipment so that the garbage is collected as soon as possible.

“That would be the objective and therefore there has to be hiring, at least for the districts that have the most difficulties, of some trucks and some backhoes and compactor trucks,” he specified.

By highlighting that with this joint work and with the emergency plan, it is sought that the collection be more expeditious and that this situation be solved before it becomes a public health problem.

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