Diego Benítez would be detained in Dubai

Interpol Paraguay authorities reported that they requested reports on the alleged detention of Diego Isaac Benítez Cañete in Dubai, United Arab Emirates. This, after rumors spread by the media, that the former leader would already be detained.

Benítez was a sports director in Guaraní and in Olimpia. He is the one who appears to be responsible for a shipment of 16 thousand kilos of cocaine that fell in Hamburg, Germany in February of last year.

During his time as sports director, he used to give notes to the press. An international arrest warrant weighs on him, after the operation “A Ultranza Py”. The cocaine that would be his property was sent in cans of Tupa brand acrylic paint.

It is suspected that another shipment of 9,000 kilos would also belong to Benítez himself.

Former prosecutor Hugo Volpe is his defense attorney. The lawyer is also linked to organized crime.

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