They will build the DN convention center

On an area of ​​34 thousand 980 square meters in the National District, which occupies the Hispaniola hotel, the Government will build a convention center in the National District to promote tourism, where national and international events and activities related to this sector will also be held. the economy.

For such purposes, the lands of the old Hispaniola hotel were declared of public utility by the Executive Power through decree 296-22. Years ago the hotel stopped working and only operates a gaming casino.

The Hispaniola facilities are strategically located on Avenida Independencia corner Abraham Lincoln in the Capital.

The government intends to build a convention center in the old Hispaniola hotel.
They will build the DN 2 convention center

“To continue with the growth of the country’s tourism sector, it is necessary to create a convention center in the city of Santo Domingo in order to increase event tourism under the motivation of carrying out work and professional activities of various kinds, carried out through meetings, fairs and congresses”, expresses the decree published by the government in the Official Gazette.


The document indicates that the construction of the convention center in Santo Domingo is a constant demand of hoteliers and various sectors of the national territory.

“The acquisition by the Dominican State of the portions of land where the Hotel Hispaniola is located to be used in the construction of a convention center in Santo Domingo is declared of public utility and social interest,” reads article 8 of Decree 296-22, as provided by Law 344 and its modifications on the Expropriation procedure.

various terrains

The work is located on some 30 private land, according to the data established in the aforementioned decree.

Article 2 of the decree states that in the event of not reaching an amicable agreement with the owners of the aforementioned portions of land, the director of National Assets will carry out all acts, procedures and resources, both ordinary and extraordinary, in accordance with the laws, to obtain their expropriation.

While the first paragraph of the same says that to facilitate the realization of friendly agreements, the owners of the aforementioned portions of land must submit the documents proving the right of ownership to the legal department of the Ministry of Tourism.

The money for the value of the land, property of the company Palmeras Comerciales SA and formally constituted, once an amicable agreement is reached, will be settled by the Ministry of Tourism.

The decree of expropriation of the Hispaniola hotel land was signed on June 6 by President Luis Abinader.


“It is declared urgent that the Dominican State enters into possession of the aforementioned properties, through the Ministry of Tourism, so that the construction of the Santo Domingo convention center can begin immediately, after fulfilling the legal requirements demanded by article 13 of Law 344 of July 29, 1943”, decree 296-22 details in its article 3. The entry into possession by the State of the aforementioned portions of land will be executed by the State attorney. To follow up on the expropriation, the decree was sent to the Directorate of National Assets.

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