“They went upstairs to kill us”: Pregnant survivor of the sinking in Bahía Honda

MIAMI, United States. – Dilaidys Ramos Crespo, the pregnant survivor of the sinking of a boat with Cuban migrants near Bahía Honda, he said this Monday to the channel AméricaTeVé that after boarding the boat bound for the United States, the island’s border guards proceeded to neutralize the boat’s engines, before ramming it.

“They attacked us and neutralized the engines,” said Ramos Crespo. “Immediately they attacked us from the side and told us that they were going to split us in the middle and so on. mimitic it was. They went upstairs with everything, to kill us. They had no compassion for us.”

After the impact and the fall into the water, the migrants began to scream for the pregnant woman and the two-year-old baby who finally drowned. “They [los guardafronteras] They didn’t do anything, they yelled at us asking who had sent us to ride, why hadn’t we thought about things before doing them. At no time was there any help from them, because they were not interested in anything, “revealed Ramos Crespo.

“Between ourselves we had to help each other to get on the boat [de los guardafronteras]but not because they gave us any help, as if we were animals, “he added.

Héctor Eduardo Meizoso, another of the migrants and husband of Ramos Crespo, indicated that the Cuban military “had no scruples.”

“That was the saddest thing in life that those people could have done. There was no need to have done that. We were standing at the post and they split our boat in the middle. (…) We, the relatives, were rescuing people and we began to upload them little by little because they didn’t even help us, ”he said.

This Monday the testimony of Diana Meizoso, one of the survivors of the sinking and mother of the deceased two-year-old baby. The Cuban assured that the destroyed boat had been attacked by the island’s border guards and denied that it had been an accident, as informed the Ministry of the Interior (MININT) last Saturday.

In statements offered to Radio Televisión Martí, Meizoso indicated that the boat that would take the migrants out of the country was intentionally rammed by a Coast Guard unit.

“We got on the boat and, when we got out, he [conductor] it slowed down because it was closed on all sides, because another boat was coming. When we passed them by, he [oficial de las Tropas Guardafronteras] He said: ‘Now I’m going to split them in half,’ and then he charged at us and split it in half,” the woman recounted.

“It broke, yes, I saw the pieces of the boat, and I lost consciousness from the blow that hit me on the head, and that was when I lost my girl in my arms, and the wave threw me onto a piece of the boat. And that’s when I reacted and started yelling at my brother, that my girl where was she, “she said.

The official note released by official Cuban media reports that 18 people were rescued, as well as the bodies of five deceased, including the daughter of Diana Meizoso. Until the closing of this note there were eight dead due to the sinking of the boat.

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