They rescue wild animals that were going to be sold

They rescue wild animals that were going to be sold

March 22, 2023, 20:55 PM

March 22, 2023, 20:55 PM

Biodiversity personnel of the Government rescued, on Wednesday afternoon, yessix wild animals what were they going to be traded in the area of ​​El Palmar.

“The Biodiversity team seized six animals from two people, three mammals and three birds. Among the mammals were two capuchin monkeys and a howler monkey; three birds, a black-bearded macaw, a parabachi and an amazon parrot, who had their wings clipped“, explained Mónica Negrete, a veterinarian at the Government Center for Attention and Wildlife.

Likewise, the professional highlighted that one of the mammals was in a state of malnutrition and hypothermiaso all the animals were sent to the center for their respective care and recovery.

The professionals of the Government recommended to the population not having this type of wildlife in their homessince they are specimens that need another type of habitat.

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