AUR calls for civil disobedience against decrees 4640 and 4641 and denies attack at the point of vaccination in El Alto

They reject Popular Action that asked to annul the validity of the vaccination card

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The Fourth Constitutional Chamber of La Paz on Wednesday rejected a Popular Action presented by a group of people who requested the repeal of supreme decrees 4640 and 4641 in order to cancel the obligation to present the vaccination card in public and private institutions.

The request was denied because the pertinent avenues were not exhausted and respect for the right to life was sought.

The information was confirmed by the advisor to the Legal Directorate of the Mayor’s Office of La Paz, Marcelo Aguilar.

“We welcome the provision of the Fourth Constitutional Chamber that has denied this Popular Action because it does not have the defined lines, the pertinent avenues have not been exhausted before initiating this amparo action and, in addition, the right has been respected. to life, which is the supreme norm that governs the positive legal system, ”he said, according to the municipal news agency.

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The hearing was held this Wednesday virtually. Aguilar explained that the mayor of La Paz, Iván Arias, presented the arguments as to why this amparo filed against President Luis Arce and decrees 4640 and 4641 could not be given free rein.

In his virtual speech, Arias claimed: “we as the Municipal Government present ourselves to advocate for life, to advocate for respect for public health, for respect for all of us to take care of ourselves; people have to be very aware, in this case it can be clearly seen that what this Popular Action intends is to undermine public health and not protect the lives of Bolivians, therefore I ask that the guardianship be denied ”.

This class action was filed by Brad Kevin Antezana, Carlos Fernando Barrera, Sergio Prudencio Vallejos, Prudencio Vallejos and Rudy Nelson Escobar. In their lawsuit, they maintained that the two decrees “coerce all citizens in the national territory to comply with a mandatory vaccination against Covid-19.”

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Supreme Decrees 4640 and 4641 establish the obligation to present the vaccination card with the complete scheme or PCR test carried out 48 hours in advance to carry out any procedure in a public or private institution, interdepartmental or international trips, in addition to other activities.

In addition to Arias, President Arce was notified; the governor of La Paz, Santos Quispe; the president of the La Paz Bar Association, Edson Foronda; and the executive of the National Confederation of Native Indigenous Peasant Women of Bolivia “Bartolina Sisa”, Flora Aguilar.

However, only a representation of the head of state and the mayor of La Paz attended, according to the municipal agency.

Other actions

Of five constitutional actions filed against the aforementioned decrees, two were inadmissible due to a faulty approach and lacking evidence; two were observed; and one is pending for a hearing, the Ministry of Justice reported.

The portfolio specified that the action presented before the Fourth Constitutional Chamber of Santa Cruz by Rubén Darío Ardaya Cadario against the Ministry of Health and Sports, Luis Fernando Camacho Vaca, Max Jhonny Fernández Saucedo and Erick Holguín Doynel, still does not have a date to develop the audience.

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