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Unemployment insurance ceiling rises to R$ 2,106.08 after readjustment

Since yesterday (11), the worker dismissed without just cause is receiving a higher amount of unemployment insurance. The salary range table used to calculate the amount of the installment followed the National Consumer Price Index (INPC) of 2021 and was readjusted by 10.16%.Unemployment insurance ceiling rises to R$ 2,106.08 after readjustment

With the correction, the maximum amount of unemployment insurance will increase from R$ 1,911.84 to R$ 2,106.08, a difference of R$ 194.24. The floor follows the variation of the minimum wage and increases from R$ 1,100 to R$ 1,212.

The new amounts are being paid for the installments issued for withdrawal since yesterday (11) and are valid both for those who receive unemployment insurance and for those who will still submit the application.

The unemployment insurance share is calculated based on the average of the worker’s last three earnings before dismissal. After correcting the salary ranges, the benefit will be defined as follows.

average salary

installment value

Up to BRL 1,858.17 80% of the average wage or minimum wage, whichever is higher
From BRL 1,858.18 to BRL 3,097.26 50% on what exceeds BRL 1,858.17, plus a fixed amount of BRL 1,486.53
Above BRL 3,097.26 invariable installment of BRL 2,106.08

Source: Ministry of Labor and Employment


Paid to workers with a formal contract dismissed without just cause, unemployment insurance has three to five installments, which depend on the number of months worked in the previous job and the number of benefit requests. The benefit can be requested through the Portal Employs Brazil, from the Ministry of Labor and Welfare.

The worker cannot have another employment relationship. The deadline to apply varies between the 7th and 120th day of dismissal, for formal workers, and between the 7th and 90th day, for domestic workers.

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