They receive a bomb threat on a commercial flight from Colombia

Judith Pena | June 1, 2023

A bomb threat on a commercial flight in Colombia caused the evacuation of the airport to be ordered on the night of this Thursday, June 1.

The event occurred at the Alfonso López Pumarejo Airport in Valledupar, on an Avianca plane bound for Bogotá.

After receiving the alert, the area was cordoned off by personnel specialized in explosives and they ordered a search of the luggage of the passengers who were on Avianca flight 8577. The users expressed their annoyance since at first they were not told why they had to leave the flight and they wondered who would respond to any loss of their belongings.

“They check suitcase by suitcase, placing a scanner and other specialized equipment. The plane was also checked and we hope that everything is due to a false alarm”, indicated the Departmental Government Secretary, Eduardo Esquivel.

The airline indicated that the flight would be rescheduled to the capital of the country once they had authorization from the authorities.

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