Mulino: “The Panamanians’ table will once again be full of food”

Presidential candidate José Raúl Mulino, representing the alliance of Realizing Goals and Alianza parties, has announced the reintroduction of programs to guarantee the availability of quality and affordable food in Panama. During a tour of the San Felipe de Neri market, Mulino highlighted his commitment to implementing policies similar to those carried out during the government of Ricardo Martinelli.

«Competitive stores will return for the entire town. This will be a reality, because I know the help it meant when it was done in Ricardo Martinelli’s government,” said Mulino.

The government plan proposed by Mulino includes the Agricultural Marketing Institute (IMA) buying the harvest from national producers and then selling the food at cost prices to the population. This measure, according to Mulino, will be one of the main responsibilities of the IMA in his government.

In addition, Mulino detailed that his government plan includes the creation of lines of credit for farmers, as well as the construction of two post-harvest cold chain centers in the Antón Valley and Chepo. The construction of silos is also planned in Chiriquí, Azuero and Darién for the conservation of grains such as rice and corn, as well as the installation of 100 modules of hydroponics greenhouses and protected and vertical agriculture in schools in the country.

During the day, Mulino also met with producers in Chitré and attended the Azuero fair, in Villa de Los Santos, reinforcing his commitment to the agricultural sector and the country’s food security.

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