They identify police officers and an ex-soldier assailants of protesters

They identify police officers and an ex-soldier assailants of protesters

Non-commissioned officers of the PNP treat demonstrators against the government of Dina Boluarte as “terrorists”, responding to the orders of their superiors, which generates arbitrary arrests and discriminatory mistreatment of the detainees.

“It was fulfilled! Stop all these terrorists!” a police officer recorded himself during the incursion into the University City of the National University of San Marcos during an operation to intervene on all those who were in the premises. It is the petty officer of the second PNP Ricardo Quine Rosasa 49-year-old from Lima, resident in San Juan de Miraflores.

Officially, the Minister of the Interior, Vincent Romero, argued that the police action occurred request of the authorities of the National University of San Marcos, to arrest alleged usurpers of the facilities. But the recording of the effective Ricardo Quiñe Rosas rather reveals that the true intention of the police operation was to capture presumed “terrorists”, who participate in the anti-government demonstrations.

In the images disseminated by non-commissioned officer Quiñe, students and other people can be seen lying face down on the floor with their hands behind their backs, as if they were common criminals, while they were being watched and searched by the police. For this reason, Petty Officer Ricardo Quiñe celebrates what happened as a victory: “We burst San Marcos!”

According to police sources, Non-commissioned officer Ricardo Quiñe belongs to the Central Special Services Unit (USE), whose headquarters is located at the headquarters of the Seventh Police Region Lima, under the direction of General PNP Victor Zanabria Angulo.

Hours after the video recorded by the police force, on Saturday, January 19, it was filmed by protesters trying to hit a group of women, who protested the intervention at their house of studies.

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