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They propose a draft declaration to request justice for Fernando Báez Sosa

This document was included in the agenda of the regular meeting that the aforementioned parliamentary bloc will carry out this WednesdayJanuary 25, from 10:30, in the Bicameral Chamber of the Legislative Power.

Fernando Baez Sosa I was a law student son of Paraguayans. He died on January 18, 2020, in Villa Gesell (Argentina), after being brutally beaten by eight attackers.

According to the autopsy, Báez Sosa died of a “head trauma”. Eight Argentine rugby players were accused of beating this young man to death as he left a dance venue in the seaside resort of Villa Gesell.

Three years after the crime, the trial is taking place these days where more than 100 witnesses provided details of the case. The defendants participate in all hearings, according to media reports from the neighboring country.

They are eight defendants, all young people between the ages of 21 and 23who have been in pretrial detention since 2020. The cover says: “Aggravated homicide by the premeditated contest of more than two people and treachery.”

The trial is in the final stage and the sentence could be given on Monday 30 or Tuesday 31 January.

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The entrance They propose a draft declaration to request justice for Fernando Báez Sosa was first published on newspaper TODAY.

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