They demand the release of Anielka García, the young woman imprisoned for painting t-shirts alluding to Nicaragua

anielka garcia, is one of the 46 political prisoners who remain locked up in the torture cells of the Daniel Ortega regime. The platform “Nicas Libres Ya” demands her immediate release.

The young woman, originally from Chichigalpa, Chinandega municipality, was captured on April 5 during the hunt unleashed by the Sandinista government during Holy Week.

The Ortega Police arrested García for simply publish shirt designs alluding to April on social networksthe month in which the Civic Rebellion against the dictatorship of Ortega Murillo is commemorated.

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Likewise, the police authorities closed the young entrepreneur’s small business of screen printing shirts, personal items, mugs, card designs and other crafts.

On April 2, through the TikTok social network where she made her work known, Anielka García published a video in which her two youngest children appear dressed in blue and white shirts, the word Nicaragua stamped and the song in the background ” Nicaragua Nicaraguan.

“On the shirts nothing more than the word” Nicaragua “was reflected, however Anielka was arrested and to this day remains incarcerated unfairly,” denounced Nicas Libres Ya.

So far, the crimes charged against the young Anielka García are unknown, however the Nicaraguan justice system could accuse her of “treason”, the cliché used to criminalize opponents.

According to the Mechanism for the Recognition of Political Prisoners, the Ortega and Murillo regime keeps 46 Nicaraguans imprisoned for political reasons. Opponents are subjected to torture, isolation and ill-treatment in the country’s prisons.

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