They criticize the director of Institutional Management of the GREA and the investigated husband works in the GRA

They criticize the director of Institutional Management of the GREA and the investigated husband works in the GRA

Workers of the Regional Education Management (GREA) they question the director of Institutional Management, Erika Velásquez Chacón, because she would be assuming functions that are not her responsibility, such as select staff who will work by location of services.

Servers who prefer to remain anonymous so as not to be victims of reprisals, assured that the official signed the document where the winners of the coordinators of the Prevaed budget program in Camaná, Islay and Condesuyoswhen the work corresponded to the office of Supply and the Selection Committee.


But Erika Velásquez indicated that she did not act badly, nor did she usurp functions, because she was included in the Committee. And it is that the through the memorandum 080-2022/GRA/GREA-G, ordered on March 22 the then administrator Eduardo Benites, include Erika Velásquez in the Prevaed hiring processin order to optimize greater transparency.

Correo tried to contact the manager Cesario Benavente to find out his version, but there was no response.

However, Velásquez claimed to be the most transparent person. “Since I joined, I discovered irregularities that I handed over to the Institutional Control Body, because these contests are with high salaries,” he said, without giving more details, under the argument of distrust for telephone communication.

In this regard, the president of the Education Commission, Silvio Arias, also pointed out that he received the workers’ complaint on this matter and stated that Since there was a Selection Committee, she could not sign the merit of the winners alone.

The workers also criticize that Erika Velásquez’s husband, Efraín Molina Pinto, was appointed as technical secretary of Disciplinary Administrative Procedures of the (GRA) by the manager of the GRA Jorge Luis Suclla.

Even worse knowing that Molina Pinto would be among the people investigated by the Prosecutorto receive the alleged payment of 28 thousand soles from the Regional Education Management as a ghost worker between 2008 and 2009.

At the time, the Comptroller reported that the Department of Education generated a loss of 98 thousand soles in the payment to 4 people who would not have provided the service.

In this regard, Erika Velásquez avoided answering. We tried to know the version of the manager Jorge Luis Suclla about the designation in Administrative Processes of a professional investigated, but there was no response.

  • Counselor Silvio Arias reported that they manage the administrative process to request the interpellation of manager Benavente
  • Prevaed vacancies have not yet been contracted and there is a delay in budget execution.

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