Cámara de Cuentas: «Irregularidades» en CESTUR y POLITUR superan los RD$2 MM

Chamber of Accounts: “Irregularities” in CESTUR and POLITUR exceed RD$2 million

Other aspects that according to the Chamber of Accounts result in “irregularities” After the investigation carried out at the Central Directorate of the Tourism Police (POLITUR) and/or Specialized Body for Tourist Security (CESTUR), is the payment for RD$414,951,600 in alleged food rations. The total exceeds RD$2 billion.

“Disbursements for food rations without evidence of supporting documents, for an amount of RD$414,951,000”, details the document.

via the Resolution No. AUD-X-2022-002the auditing body of the Condition presents other alleged irregularities during the period from January 1, 2010 to May 31, 2021 through unregistered checks; delivery of baskets; checks without stamps and invoices not canceled, among other details.

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In that same order the “Delivery of baskets without acknowledgment of receipt, for an amount of RD$14,979,967”.

Similarly, “Inconsistencies in the classification and recording of expenses, for an amount of RD$4,637,842; Purchasing processes from suppliers with suspended RNC and Invoice with invalid tax receipt number, for an amount of RD$3,713,861”.

Also the “Disbursements through unregistered checks and without identification of the affected accounting accounts, for an amount of RD$6,376,406; Disbursements by checks without stamps of the Internal Audit Unit (UAI)for an amount of RD$6,376,406 and Invoices not canceled with a paid stamp, for an amount of RD$24,323,668”.

Likewise, the “Purchasing processes that do not comply with transparency and publicity ascending to RD$14,677,095; Purchasing processes from suppliers with activities other than the services they offer and lacking commercial registration, for an amount of RD$9,826,103; Purchasing processes from suppliers with RNC discontinued”.

Headquarters of the Chamber of Accounts of the Dominican Republic.

Other remarks

  • Absence of policies and procedure manuals for payments of compensation for security services and compensation for charges to police personnel, amounting to an amount of RD$603,779,506.
  • Personnel not formalized in the entity for an amount of RD$175,507,353.
  • Incentive payment irregularly ascending to RD$4,438,268 and RD$1,339,500.
  • Disbursement through unregistered checks and do not identify the affected accounting accounts, for an amount of RD$5,777,767.
  • Staff on payroll with position of advisers for an amount of RD$7,672,200.
  • Results of the interviews conducted with officials, employees and other related parties, through which payments to non-employees of POLITUR/CESTURBy a sum of RD$3,458,000.
  • Purchases without the selection modality amounting to RD$9,718,533 and RD$4,395,000.
  • Non-compliance in purchase processes under the price comparison modality, for an amount of RD$8,522,097.
  • Non-compliance in process under the minor purchase modality for an amount of RD$520,728.
  • Inconsistencies in processes in the acquisition of supplies for an amount of RD$208,114.
  • Payments recorded in the food and beverage account, for food rations, deposited in accounts of two people, for an amount of RD$330,292,355.
  • Payments to suppliers without a license for fuel distribution, in the amount of RD$223,062,971.
  • Fuel tickets delivered without evidence of receipt by the beneficiaries, for an amount of RD$348,125,525.

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  • Fuel distribution companies with duplicity of domicile.
  • Payment of salaries to employees and officials who are also partners of fuel supply companies, for an amount of RD$10,627,505.
  • Purchase of fuels without evidence of the selection process for an amount of RD$23,316,000.
  • Tickets received without evidence of prior numbering from the supplier.
  • List of fuel delivery without identification of the final beneficiary for an amount of RD$2,814,000.
  • Fuel payments without evidence of relationship of beneficiaries for an amount of RD$104,376,922.
  • Unsupported intelligence service payments amounting to RD$89,300,000 and RD$25,000,000.
  • Purchase of goods and services without planning.

It should be noted that this report prepared by the Chamber of Accounts would have already been forwarded to Specialized Prosecution Office for Administrative Corruption (PEPCA)as part of the investigations carried out against the defendants in the Coral 5G case.

Said investigation covers the period of the management of the General Juan Carlos Torres Robiouin front of the CESTUR Y POLITURwhile he is serving a measure of coercion as accused of administrative corruption in the Coral 5G case.

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