Richard Read: "I would like to get into party politics, in a sector"

Richard Read, historic leader of the Federation of Beverage Workers and Employees (FOEB), expressed last Thursday his intentions to enter party politics. “I would like to get into party politics, in a sector,” he said in TV City. “Over there, we do”, he ventured. However, he clarified that he does not see himself as a senator, nor as a deputy; but involved in the articulation, debate and construction.

I have a bar where we talk”commented, but without giving details.

Although he did not specify whether he would join a sector of the Broad Front (FA), where joined Danilo Astori’s 2121 list in 2014, the trade unionist stated that he is interested in the political force once again excites the workers, the small producer, the merchants and the SMEs.

For Read, there are up to 250,000 Uruguayans “in the Olympic (stand), without referents”, that in October 2019 they did not accompany the Broad Front but they did in November 2019 and in the referendum for the Law of Urgent Consideration.

A regular critic of the leftist coalition, the trade unionist pointed out that it should review what he did “so as not to achieve the majority” in these last cases. For example, he asked: “Did you tell the whole truth regarding the 135 items?”.

Recognized for his work in the field of education —the FOEB has several social and educational centers— Read once again launched a lunge against the management of the Frente Amplio governments in this regard. “Uruguay lost one or two generations in the educational issue”. Besides, pointed out that “the trilogy that must be worked on” is “education, employment and, later, economics. Likewise, the trade unionist added that this issue must be integrated into the management of prisons.

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