They carry out induction courses for aspirants to Operative Assistant and Deputy Prosecutor

After completing a series of requirements, the applicants for the position of Operational Assistant and Deputy Prosecutor, who were selected in the open call process for the year 2023, began the induction courses carried out by the Public Ministry (MP).

After the induction, the MP will be able to choose the best qualified for the new positions, with the purpose of strengthening, mainly, the area of ​​investigation and litigation in criminal prosecution.

It is important to highlight that this call presented 2,045 applications; Of these, 1,193 corresponded to Deputy Prosecutor and 852 to Operations Assistant, with 52 applicants being shortlisted for the course of Assistant Prosecutor and 64 for Operations Assistant.

In this way, the best selected may be integrated into the Public Ministry as an important part of the human resource of men and women with the necessary skills that will allow us to advance in the institutional strengthening plan for the provision of the comprehensive service.

According to the Public Ministry for the position of Deputy Prosecutor, the selected applicant must complete the four-week induction course, which consists of 13 modules, and must be approved with a minimum score of 81.

In addition, they must have met the general requirements, among which they must have a bachelor’s degree in Law and Political Science, three years of suitability to practice as a lawyer, an academic index greater than 2.0, and not have been criminally, administratively or disciplinary.

While the applicants for the positions of Operational Assistants must complete the two-week induction course, divided into seven modules that will end on December 19, 2022, and must be passed with a score greater than 81. To be eligible, the applicant must take the last two years of the Bachelor’s Degree in Law and Political Science, have an academic index greater than 2.0, and not have been criminally, administratively or disciplinary sanctioned.

These trainings are given by four coordinators and Senior Prosecutors as facilitators, who have more than 20 years of experience, both in the Mixed Inquisitive System and in the Accusatory Criminal System.

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