They capture a foreigner in Tacna for alleged extortion when he demanded money from a stylist

They capture a foreigner in Tacna for alleged extortion when he demanded money from a stylist

National Police officers captured a foreign citizen allegedly linked to one of the gangs that operate in the city of Tacna and that collects money from different business owners or workers.

Staff of the Central Police Station on the mobile PL-21052 were established until Zela Street 381 in the Tacna fence after a call for help from a stylist, who pointed out that a foreign citizen was demanding the payment of money, of which she was completely unaware.

Stylist asks the PNP for help

At the scene, the police interviewed the complainant identified as Claudia Yesenia Ruiz (33)native of Iquitos, single marital status and stylist occupation, who told him that moments before a foreign person, who was later identified as Esteban Jesus Cano RiveraHe insistently asked for 35 soles and told him that if he didn’t pay he would call his boss.

After these threats, the person called Mateo Cardona Durango (27), Colombian, single and incomplete high school, who reiterated that he had to pay 35 soles “yes or yes”. The woman replied that she did not owe any sum of money and that in any case the debt could belong to the person of María Alejandra Guerrero Vildoso.

The uniformed officers proceeded to arrest Matthew Cardona Durango for the alleged commission of the crime against property in the form of extortion, which is why he was placed at the disposal of the police unit at 8:55 p.m. on Saturday.

The Colombian Mateo Cardona Durango (27) would be part of a gang of foreigners who collect money from small business owners. (Photo: Diffusion)

History of extortion

These facts were communicated to the representative of the Public Prosecutor’s Office Juana Lidia Arosquipa Paco of the Sixth Office of the Corporate Provincial Criminal Prosecutor’s Office of Tacna.

This accusation for the collection of money is added to other complaints for alleged extortion directed at owners of restaurants and cevicherías by a group of criminals who call themselves “The Damned of the North” that demand amounts through audios sent through WhatsApp.

On Monday June 27 at the association Green Mount two motorcycles parked in block A were set on fire and unknown individuals left a sign stating that they were from the gang “Los Gallegos, a criminal organization dedicated to theft, trafficking in persons and extortion.

In a previous conference, the head of the macro police region General PNP Manuel Rivera He pointed out that they were only “sporadic” cases and that investigations were launched to capture those responsible.

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