They assure that Manini Ríos and Irene Moreira exploit the Colonization field, but they deny it

They assure that Manini Ríos and Irene Moreira exploit the Colonization field, but they deny it

Irene Moreira and Guido Manini Rios.  Photo: Twitter.
Irene Moreira and Guido Manini Rios. Photo: Twitter.

In the last few hours, Search published that the INC Inspection Division inspected property No. 511, located in the 4th cadastral section of Artigas, and concluded that it belongs to retired Colonel Roque Moreira, his daughter Minister Irene Moreira, and Senator Guido Manini Ríos (husband of Irene Moreira).

The INC Board decided to “demand” Manini Ríos “the title of fraction No. 2 of the Colonization property in accordance with the provisions of article 70 of Law 11,029 in the wording given by Law 18,756, regarding the registration of fractions in violation”.

Likewise, it decided to “demand” the corporation “El Palomar” -whose president is Irene Moreira-, the presentation of the title of sale of fractions of building 511, “affected for the purposes of colonization”.

At the same time, the Board requested a report from the Agency’s Legal Counsel.

According to the information, during an inspection carried out in October 2021 by INC officials, it was found that there were “a foreman and a cook who reside in the staff house, and in another very modest building, made up of a bedroom and a dining room, five other rural wage earners live”. It is also indicated that during the inspection, Colonel Moreira “instructed not to provide any information about the establishment.”

Search had reported in February 2020 that a modification that was planned in the LUC “benefited, due to her status as a property owner”, who at that time had been appointed Minister of Housing, Irene Moreira.

Article 358 of the LUC provides an “exception to the obligation provided for in the rule” which establishes that the settler must “work on the property, supervise the work and live in it, except, in the latter case, that the colony is organized or organized under the system of dwellings grouped in towns”.

It also provides that the Board of Directors of the Institute may authorize the “exception to the obligation established in the previous paragraph, in the case of settlers who meet the following requirements: They have had a settlement for a minimum period of ten years. They have complied with the committed investment plan, if any. Invoke well-founded reasons of health, education or work of the settler or the members of the family nucleus. In the event that duly founded health reasons are invoked before ten years of filing, such obligation may be exempted with the affirmative vote of four members of the Board of Directors.”

The member of the INC Board of Directors representing the Broad Front, Andrés Berterreche, told TV Ciudad that although he did not want to get ahead of himself until the Legal Counsel makes its report, in any case “it is not disputed that they are owners, but they are owners affected by the Colonization Law without consulting the Institute.”

“That was done at a certain historical moment in this country (during the dictatorship and until 1991) and they were full-fledged mules, because they did not have certificate number 70, which is mandatory for fields that are bought and sold,” added the hierarch. .

He also recalled that in 2011 a law was approved to order this situation “which was quite chaotic” and from that, all those who had been left out were asked to regularize the situation. In this case it was not done and the first thing to do is regularize the relationship that exists with the Colonization Institute”.

“Another lie”

For his part, Manini Ríos expressed on his Twitter account that it is “yet another lie.”

“Roque Moreira bought the property more than 51 years ago and was never a settler. The report was ordered to be ‘tailor-made’ by the director of the INC’s MPP to dirty the field before the referendum”, denounced Manini Ríos in reference to Berterreche.

The legislator added: “The hitman journalism is still active and it seems that the constituents pay well.”

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