They approve disqualification for 10 years against Freddy Díaz

They approve disqualification for 10 years against Freddy Díaz

the congressman – denounced and investigated for raping a worker in the offices of the Congress of the Republic – was disqualified for 10 years after the parliament vote. With 77 votes in favor, one against and four abstentions, the legislator was not saved this time from being disqualified.

“Consequently, the resolution declaring the vacancy will be issued and the National Elections Jury will be informed according to the law for the corresponding procedures,” is what the president of Congress, José Williams, said after the results of the vote.

The parliamentarian has yet to face Supreme Judge Juan Checkley, who will lead the pretrial detention hearing to resolve the judicial future of this bad ‘father of the country’.

Although Díaz was saved from being disqualified from office by 23 votes in Congress, this fact alerted the National Prosecutor’s Office, since the shielding activated the danger of flight and the procedural danger; That is why the Public Ministry requested that the otorongo face the remainder of the investigation in prison.

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For the Second Supreme Prosecutor, in charge of Zoraida Ávalos, “there is revealing suspicion of the commission of the crime denounced and of the alleged responsibility of the accused, given that Congressman Díaz has been accused directly by the aggrieved party.”

Ávalos also warns that the legislator has accepted the sexual encounter with his worker on July 26, 2022, however, Díaz “maintains that he had consensual sexual relations.”

The Public Prosecutor’s Office will take three testimonies to court that implicate Díaz, and will also present the expert opinions to which the victim was subjected and that confirmed the recent injuries resulting from forced contact with the legislator.

In a recent interview on Channel N, the victim pointed out that the congressmen “make fun of my case and of many women who dare to denounce it.” If Freddy Díaz decides not to attend the hearing (which will be virtual) and not present a defense attorney, Judge Checkey has provided that a public defender be assigned to him.


After the shielding of the left of the Parliament and other centrist congressmen, a request for reconsideration of the vote was presented that saved Díaz from disqualification for 10 years from the exercise of public function.

This request will be seen as the first item on the agenda of the Legislative Plenary that begins today at 9 am

Article 58 of the Regulations of Congress states that “reconsiderations are presented in writing after voting and their approval requires the vote of more than half the legal number of congressmen.” That is, the otorongos will have the opportunity to compensate the damage caused.

If the reconsideration is successful, the final report that recommends throwing Díaz out of the State for a long time will be put to the vote again. If this request falls on deaf ears, the left bloc will go down in history as the worst representation in recent years.


  • Freddy Ronald Díaz Monago is 37 years old and represents the Pasco region. He has two lawyers whom he has accredited for this process.
  • The aggrieved party has been identified by the Prosecutor’s Office with the initials MJPR. She started working in Congress as a Parliamentary Technician and had been doing secretarial work and supporting Freddy Díaz since August 4, 2021.


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