They announce the world premiere of two works by Venus Rey Jr.

They announce the world premiere of two works by Venus Rey Jr.

This Friday, March 4, the world premiere of two works by the Mexican composer Venus Rey Jr will take place: “Quattro Elementi” and “Cuore dell’animo umano”, written on texts by the Italian poet and pianist Greta Cipriani.

In the concert, at the Teatro de la Paz, in San Luis Potosí, the Mexican soprano Zaira Soria, Greta Cirpiani herself in the solo piano part, and the San Luis Potosí Symphony Orchestra will participate, all under the direction of José Miramontes .

“Quattro Elementi” (Four Elements) is a work for orchestra, piano and soprano. It consists of four movements: Acqua (Water), Aria (Air), Fuoco (Fire) and Terra (Earth). Greta Cirpiani’s texts, in Italian, deal with the strength of primitive elements and the unfathomable mysteries of nature. The composer makes use of a sound palette of clear and accessible language. The play lasts 25 minutes.

“Cuore dell’animo umano” (Heart of the human soul), for orchestra, piano and soprano, is a virtuoso piece whose text, also in Italian, raises existential anguish and the power of love. It lasts 8 minutes.

The program will also include two other works by Venus Rey Jr: the “Suite Sonora”, which expresses the majesty of the Sonoran desert in music, and the “Bachiana Mexicana No. 3 ‘Danzas del Deseo'”, which has already been successfully presented in Mexico, Italy and Russia.

This musical collaboration between the Italian pianist and the Mexican composer will be recorded and published by the Japanese label Da Vinci Classics.

At the end of 2022, Greta Cipriani and Venus Rey Jr will present “Quattro Elementi” and “Cuore dell’animo umano” in Rome and Istanbul.

Greta Cipriani, winner of important international competitions, is also an outstanding composer of piano works and a renowned poet, while the soprano Zaira Soria, a graduate of INBAL’s Superior School of Music, was the first Mexican to be awarded at the International Competition “Città di Bologna”, Italy.

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